Hi I'm Diana Maria!


Be it as a musician playing music, as a a listener or as a researcher investigating on music, my life has been focusing on music since my early childhood days and I'm still a music and travel addict.


No one really knows why music affects us in the way it does. But everyone shares it: The passion for music.

As a  professional researcher I investigated on the impact of music on the development of societies. 

I'm exploring different music cultures behind the scenes. I’m interested in all kind of musics,


I just love "good" music but personally I’m always looking out for Experimental Stuff and Sound Creations. 


Early 2016 I decided to quit my job as a PhD researcher in Asian-African Development Cooperation to finally follow my passion of  being a musician and independent researcher on music.


It was not an easy step to quit my job and to say Good Bye to social conventions, but it was one of the best steps I've ever done, because now I'm working on what I really love to do in life. 


I want to share my experiences and hope to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and start to fulfill your dreams NOW!!!

Don't cheat yourself and follow your heart - wherever music takes you!