India - A journey to the forgotten land of touch

It doesn’t take much to find out that many of the people I’ve met in India, travel to this mysterious country, because they’ve lost themselves somewhere on their path or simply have the feeling that there has to be so much more beyond ordinary life to discover.


Therefore the question “What brought you to India?” brings out so many interesting life stories.


Many of us are searching for something in India that goes beyond the busy monkey mind of material life in Western Worlds. Even many may not know it consciously before starting their journey to India– latest when they get here, they realize.


But what is that “something” that we are looking for?

“People just love people”, said my friend I. one day.This simple message has it all.  We are all desperate for having people around us that we can share life with, that are warm at heart, that are caring for each other, loving each other, touching each other, sharing food or a massage, sharing emotions, joyful or painful.


We are crazy about keeping our mind busy with projects that we want to realize, work, jobs, politics, what so ever, rather than focusing on our hearts:  We keep on forgetting about the thing that really counts for us – which is simply spoken: giving, receiving and feeling love.


People love people.


Relations filled with love that make us see and observe the beauty around us…to be touched and hugged by a friend, feeling profound and deep - rather than having superficial and practical relationships.


Often we feel too ashamed to ask for it, that all what we need in a certain moment is a little love. 


Seems like India is a place where travelers gather to find the forgotten land of touching each other's heart again.


People would do jokes with me before leaving to India, asking me, “ Ah, you go to India to find yourself?” and the paradox thing is, yes, in a certain way it’s true!  


There’s just something about India! As soon as I was around for some weeks I found myself rather being travelling on a journey to my inner self than travelling a country. Above all it’s the encounter with so many inspiring people in India that made me become a better observer of what’s my attitude towards life, how I treat others and myself and the relationships I got in life.


I mean that’s always the case with travelling, that you confront yourself with yourself in a world of strangers with different cultures, different food, different hygienic circumstances, different habits and different beliefs that makes you more aware of who you are, how you act and interact, what you like and what you don’t like, but nevertheless India is a special place to get closer to yourself and having a playground for new experiences and new perspectives. 


India! you land full of mysteries, magic, challenges, spirituality, chaos, traditions and rituals and weird artists that left me inspired, inspired, inspired! It will take some time to digest all of what I’ve gained on this trip! …Definitely to be continued soon. 


And last but not least: I want to give thanks to all of you, my new and old friends, for sharing life in all its facets!

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