Exhausted but happy Yoga Teachers - Por fin!



Wow it’s done! Chakras, Nadas, Koshas, Doshas, Mudras, Bhagavad Gita, Krishna, Shiva, Samasthiti, Pranayama, Shavasana, Rhomboids, Superspinatus and so on and so on.....We learned so much. Nearly a month of intense Yoga Studies and exam stress that made us feel like going back to University or school days – we made it! Theory Exam and Practical Exam – done! Congratulations everyone!  We got pretty fit everyone – but also some knee issues saying hello to some after such a full on-Yoga Practice!


It was so amazing how everyone has developed their very individual approach to Yoga and Meditation in the final Asana Exam – beautiful ideas came up from mixing up Yoga with Martial arts, or making Yoga fit for people with disabilities, Yoga and Music, etc.


In my personal Asana exam I created a class of meditative Music Yoga and I called it “Nada Brahma”. “Nada” means Sound in Sanskrit, “Brahma” means god: So it means that God is sound or Sound of God - Before there was anything there was sound. Not only in Hinduism, also the bible says: First there was the word and the word was with god and out of this word came every single creation. 


– In Yogic Philospohy we learn that everything is in everything – “oneness”, so God is in all of us. God is Sound – and so are we.


I started with a meditation about imagining the own body as a lake of sounds – I asked my fellow students to imagine their breath as the waves of this lake and their mind as the wind. In Yoga we try to balance the mind, breath and body – so if the wind is calm, the waves are calm and the lake is quiet and peaceful and - only a quiet lake is able to reflect its beautiful surroundings. Throughout the Asana Practice I encouraged my test- students to remind their connection between the wind, the waves and the lake and to focus on a calm deep breath. The breath is the secret to keep mind and body in steady calmness.

In the end of the class – After playing some meditative tunes on the guitar and working with the singing bowl by placing it on the belly of some students,  I prepared a little Good Bye song for the course as we lay down in “Shavasana” (The dead’s pose – where we just lie down and relax into our body after all the body work). To close the class we sang "Lokaha Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu" together – which means “may all sentient beings be happy, wise and peaceful”. My first full Yoga Class was a wonderful experience – although of course I was nervous before! It was so much inspiring preparing the class in the days before and once again I feel I’ve chosen the right path.

I leave this teacher training with having learned a lot about myself, my mind, breath and body, going again one step deeper into immateriality, new encounters with wonderful people and inspirations from all of them. It’s incredible how we all developed in this intensive time with emotions going up and down. I feel so grateful for this time and I’m looking forward to see all of them growing in their paths - and of course I'm exited to move on now into my own journey of Music Yoga future! Thanks for loving' - thanks for letting me love!


The lyrics of the song that I wrote for the class: 


Traveller's souls we are

Like birds flying in the sky

Always hungry for more

Yes life it's a journey

I feel so grateful I have met you all

I wanna thank you for those precious moments 

And wherever your journey may take you

And where the heck in the world you guys all gonna be

Keep following the melody of your heart 

It knows the way how to be free

....to be free! 



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    Tobi (Mittwoch, 01 Februar 2017 20:44)

    Congratulations!!! Wonderful blog

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    Sonja (Donnerstag, 02 Februar 2017 14:18)

    Love your thoughts and how you descripe them. I wish I attended your first class!!
    The world would be so very different if we all would follow our real own dreams, and not only those that have been created by TV or society around us...