Lost Paradise - Little Beach Maui

After a lovely weekend of a mixture of playing music, doing some landscaping work on the property and beach sessions and going out having some drinks we went to Little Beach on sunday afternoon,  where they have a drum circle each sunday for sunset.  I was thinking it's a tiny crowd of hippies, but arriving there I was surprised how many people where there! I felt like at Woodstock  -The beach is a bit hidden and you have to climb some rocks to get there. When we arrived we were asked by a girl at my age - hey you need  any LSD - mushrooms? She was naked and so high - real funny - I said thanks to her - no need for that! What a picture: Naked people dancing and playing the drums, a lot of them on mushrooms or LSD, others just enjoying their beers,  moms with their babies just enjoying the free spirit of the place!  What a wonderful place to be. American Dream is calling!