We always come back to who we really are - mind blowing sound creations

This weekend was full of Music! And in my time here I am connecting to myself in a way that I couldn’t do since a long time.

I played music with Koji Matsumoto, who is an extraordinary Didgeridoo and Hang player known for having his very own particular style of playing didgeridoo. He's been travelling the world since many years playing on streets. He came to Perth to give a didgeridoo workshop and a concert. I already saw videos of him on youtube and was so happy that I had the chance to see him live, but it got even better  as I ended up playing together with him “on stage” (well, we were sitting on the floor ;))



Koji travels the world playing festivals and busking on the streets and of course it awakens this feeling of just wanting to live this lifestyle, too of just playing music and music and music and create and give beautiful sounds! My "wild" travelling side is calling so much on me again and I'm confrontated with one side in myself that wasn't there in such a strong way since a long time! Sometimes you need to meet certain kind of human beings to reactivate and get aware of the hidden parts of you!  On the other hand I've always dreamt of an interesting job that would pay me travelling and creating music without depending on it financially as it is at the moment. I'm so happy, but also confused, because sometimes I still don't know in which world I belong and I'm travelling through so many different kind of realities at the moment. But one thing is sure: We always come back to who we really are! And we reflect on the gap between our dreams and the confrontation with the life we are living in reality.


We had a lovely jam session in the afternoon playing the Hang Drum, Sanshi playing the didgeridoo and me playing the guitar and percussion. And in the evening I joined on two tracks on guitar and drums at the show. And I loved it and all loved it! It was an amazing atmosphere and the music was mind blowing us and the audience.

I’m still feeling like in trance and I’m not able to concentrate on work ;)

Thanks Music , thanks Didgeridoo vibe, thanks KOJI, thanks SANSHI (you are such a wonderful spirit!)  and all the other wonderful people!

PS: In the video is me (obviously ;) playing on a hang! Since so many years I want to have a Hang, but it's so difficult to get one! - I need all of your good vibes to get one in the future!..but there are long long waiting lists...


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    Mario (Donnerstag, 18 Dezember 2014 16:49)

    Wow :-)