building music eco systems in our communities

What happens when we treat music as A necessity in our community?

Be it as a traveller or as a musician, are you one of those passionate music lovers who spend half their lives with living their obsession for music? Are you migrating from venue to venue to watch shows, play gigs or to get to know people to play music with? For you, music is like a lense through which you perceive the world and you are always curious on learning new stuff about music?  You are just an addict to music and travel adventures?


...Then you are simply a music and travel junkie!!!!...


No worries! MUSIC NOMADS is here to help you curing your addiction!


Find travel tipps to get the best music adventure out of your next trip! Watch interviews with local musicians and music experts to learn about interesting music scenes and curiosities from around the world or just follow me on my musical journeys and get inspired to set up yourself as a traveling musician or as a music traveller with many useful infos around nomadic lifestyles and how to make a living out of it. 


Canada: we all need to improvise sometimes.

Finland: ever heard about throat singing?

India: Arambol - A world community of musicians

Spain:music factory in southern spain

my newest song: Traveller souls - enjoy!